J. Flynn Novotny Drowning Sky

J. Flynn Newton is the alias for the german photographer J. F. Novotny, who made his first steps in taking pictures at the early age of 6 years - with his first camera, an Agfa Silette I which he still owns. Further photography became an important part in his life.

His "DrOWNing SKYs" tries to visualize old and recurring dreams of flooded landscapes and tsunami like scenarios where no escape seems possible.

Besides that J. Novotny wants to share a part of his work of the last 40 years with his main internet presence  Light upon my Face: moments he captured on his journeys around the world, mainly Europe, North and South America.

Today J. Novotny lives in Germany where he – besides his activities as photographer – works as designer in his own agency vivia. Besides commissional works for german and european companies his works can be seen in regular exhibitions as well as selected internet platforms:

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( saatchionline.com/lightuponmyface)
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( www.artsy.net/artist/jf-novotny)

J. Flynn Newton alias J. Novotny
J. Flynn Newton alias J. Novotny
DrowningSky: Exhibition situation
DrowningSky: Exhibition situation
DrowningSky #1 by J. Flynn Newton
DrowningSky #1 by J. Flynn Newton